Handicap control

If you ever had to face the questions:

At the Hole number 1 your friends and co-players asking your handicap?

Upon arrival at the golf club you are asked to present your Golf Handicap Card?

You were told you are put on the waiting list because participation in a tournament requsaires a confirmed by Golf Association handicap.

You experience difficulties evaluating you level of playing golf and it is a complicated to figure out your handicap.

After a round of golf you don’t know what to do with the score card and where to ask for help.

In this case the program Handicap Control is a perfect match for you!

According to the Russian Golf Association Rules – to confirm your handicap, one should have 3 rounds of golf; refer to a golf-pro, who affirms your handicap. Now a confirmed handicap is an essential condition for the participation in any kind of tournament - either it is a local club small tournament or one like BMW International, and taking care of your handicap on your own might be a little complicated and challenging!

Only Forest Hills Golf Club introduces a special offer to its guests and members, so that you have your confirmed handicap at your earliest and start participating in tournaments without being asked questions.

Handicap Control Program includes:

Three 18-hole rounds of golf at Forest Hills Golf Course weekdays or weekends*

A golf-cart or a trolley as preferred

Two  buckets of training balls on the range before the game on the Forest Hills Golf Course

Calculated handicap based on the results after three rounds of golf

Two-hour introductory lesson with a Golf-Pro encompassing the rules of getting and controlling your handicap, in addition rules of counting the results after the tournaments.

Registration and obtainment of the official handicap in the Russian Golf Association with an International Golf Handicap Card.

The golf club responsible representative will be passing your results to the RGA during the whole season at the Forest Hills Golf Club, even if you played in a different golf-club or abroad – send us a copy of the score card!

Special conditions of becoming a new member of the Forest Hills Golf Club

Besides obtaining a handicap, you save 40% of the cost, as all the listed above would come up to 37.000 rubles on weekdays и 44.000 on weekends.

Handicap control program special price - 26.000 rubles on weekdays, weekends package – 33.000 rubles

Now you won’t bother your friends and Golf-Pros form different club asking how to calculate your handicap and how to place the results of your game to the Russian Golf Association.

Call us right now and get your handicap at Forest Hills Golf Club 8 -926-230-52-25 or send us a request via e-mail: info@forestgolf.ru